Chartered Flights on Private Jets by the administrators of West Virginia University


Trip Details
  1. Date
    Sep 23, 2020
  2. Route
  3. Destinations
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Morgantown, WV
    Charleston, WV
  4. Aircraft
    Citation Sovereign (N680G)
  5. Flight Hours
  6. Approx. Distance
    324.31 nmi
  7. Flight Crew
    Donald Paul Allen
    Michael Ross Stewardson
  1. Hourly Rate
  2. Landing Fees
  3. Fuel Surcharge
  4. Crew Expenses
  5. Domestic Tax
  6. Est. Federal Tax

  7. Total
$ The cost of this flight is greater than one year of tuition.

† Federal Excise Tax is only an estimate of the actual, at 7.5%. It is not included in the total.

Carbon Footprint
  1. Fuel Burned
    707.50 gal
  2. CO2 Emitted*
    6.32 metric tons

‡ Citation Sovereign burns 283 gal/h.
* US Energy Information Administration (EIA) data shows the average CO2 emitted by burning 1 gallon of jet fuel/AVGAS is 8,939.50 grams.

Passengers (1)
  1. Justification

    To attend and participate in meetings with the Governor and his staff

    To attend and participate in the Governor’s Press Brief and additional Strategy Session meetings on the Coronavirus

  2. Signed for by
    Clay Braden Marsh
  3. Approved by
    Amy Garbrick
Trip Itinerary

itinerary.pdf (44.2 kB)

Reservation Form

reservation.pdf (70.0 kB)

Invoice (2020-09)


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